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Glen Burnie Towing Service

towing the wrecked car

Now that you have finally made your decision regarding a reputable towing company, we would like to welcome you to the Glen Burnie family. You are now part of a promise. A promise from us to provide the best possible services that money can buy. A promise to treat every job or emergency as if it was our only one. A promise to be by your side whenever you need us.

No matter where you are, what went wrong or how long it takes to get you back on the road. The experts at Glen Burnie Towing Services will never leave a man behind.

About Us

At Glen Burnie Towing Services we are committed now and in the future to change the way clients see the industry. At the outset, our goal was always to set ourselves apart from all the usual suspects one might find in the industry. At the core of our business is a promise to treat all our clients as if they were a member of our very own family. From our humble beginnings, we have managed to build a fleet of high quality call out teams to tackle any requirements that may arise from our client requests or those unexpected emergencies.

Our Services

towing the car for transport
lady is on the phone
towing the damage car

Finally you have found a company that offers all your towing needs under one convenient roof. A company which understands that by offering all these high quality services we provide our clients with the much needed excuse not to keep searching. From flat tires to flat batteries , minor accidents to all out emergencies , Glen Burnie Towing Services will make sure we get you back on the road as soon as humanly possible . As you can see from the above there is simply no reason to use any other towing service again. Once you have experienced the Glen Burnie way there is simply no other way.

Towing Service
Roadside Assistance
Light Duty Towing

Towing Service

We offer a range of towing services suited for all eventualities and we never turn down a challenge. At Glen Burnie Towing Services we take absolutely no chances when it comes to making sure you and your loved ones are safe. From flatbeds to conventional towing techniques. From maintaining the highest safety standards to offering the best value for money in the district. Glen Burnie Towing Services is clearly the towing company for you.

Roadside Assistance

Honestly we encourage all our clients not to leave their driveways without some form of roadside assistance. It is simply a must have in the rush of today’s hustle and bustle. The benefits range from cost saving advantages and peace of mind that no matter what happens you and your loved ones will be looked after. Simply knowing that the experts at Glen Burnie Towing Services provides a sense of safety no amount of money can buy.

Light Duty Towing

At Glen Burnie Towing Services no towing job is too big or small for our highly trained friendly towing staff. Light Duty towing usually alludes to any towing job where the vehicle being towed is similar in size to the average family car, but can also include mini-vans and small trucks. By using the right equipment we can assure that we will get the job done right first time, every time. No matter the circumstances.

towing the damage car
electrifying the car battery
his car has flat tire

24/7 Emergency Towing Service
Jump Starts
Tire Change

24/7 Emergency Towing Services

By far the most common reason for call outs comes from our emergency towing services. As an emergency we understand the speed and precision can make the difference between a potentially dangerous situation and that potential turning into real danger. Our nearest team will be dispatched in no time to make sure you and your family are safe and secure and back on the road in no time at all. These services cater to all eventualities.

Jump Starts

We all remember running behind grandpa’s old Chev pushing it down the driveway on those cold mornings. Whist this technique will continue for years to come, thankfully for you, our experts at Glen Burnie Towing Services have a range of skills and equipment to get that battery up and running again in no time at all. From jumping to boosting and everything in between. You can rest assured we have you covered no matter how flat you may be .

Tire Change

Back in the day this was a skill set that even housewives were able to execute without breaking too much of a sweat . Alas as our society has evolved so has our dependence on others. Luckily for our clients they can call on our friendly experts at Glen Burnie Towing Services to cover all their tire changing needs in no time at all. We will even walk you through the process step by step

fixing the car tire
charging the car battery
transporting the new car

Contact Us Today

As you can see from the above, there is simply no excuse not to pick up the phone and contact us immediately regarding all your towing needs. Our highly trained and friendly staff are always willing and able to get you through any roadside issues you may experience. This is done by providing an un-matched level of service never before delivered by a towing company before. So don’t delay, contact us using either our Facebook, Twitter or direct lines. For those after hour emergencies please give our emergency hotline a call. Now that you have stumbled upon the best, it’s time to forget the rest.

“Disaster! Just 1OO miles into our summer vacation we experienced our first flat tire. This could have put a massive damper on the trip had it not been for Mike and his team from Glen Burnie Towing Services. They had us up and running in no time and contributed to us having a amazing vacation." - S. Jamison

“A big THANK YOU to Steve and his team for the fantastic job they did when we experienced battery issues on our last business trip. Understanding that time is money, they quickly and professionally attended to our emergency and we were able to make our appointment with time to spare. " - B. Gellar

“After having multiple bad experiences when using other towing companies, it has been a huge relief to have finally found a reputable, affordable and most importantly trustworthy towing company in our district. Glen Burnie Towing Services has no equal when it comes to getting the job done right. You guys are SUPERSTARS" - C. Martin