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Jump Starts

charging the car battery

So your car won’t start. In fact not even the dashboard or central locking will work. You my friend need a jump start or boost. This method is used when the vehicles battery has discharged or is simply dead as a coffin nail.  The desired effect can be achieved by using a range of techniques and a range of high quality equipment. From using traditional jump leads to more advanced battery booster technology. At Glen Burnie Towing Services we can assure you that we will have you charged, running and back on the road in no time whatsoever

Jumper Cables

We have all seen those black and red cables. Be it in the back of your dad’s old pickup or in your new Lexus. Jumper cables are the most commonly used method to jump start or boost a cars flat battery. By simply connecting one side of each color to the affected battery and the other side to an external power source, our experts can have you up and running in seconds depending on the overall state of your battery. We will make sure the vehicle is running smoothly and consistently before we confidently send you back onto the road to continue your journey

Portable Battery Charger

For the modern day motorists, portable battery chargers have become extremely popular. Both with our commercial and private clients. This independently powered unit is extremely versatile and practical. These units are usually compact and are built just big enough to fit over both poles of most regulator approved batteries. The above has ensured that this method of jump starting is quickly catching up to the old fashioned jumper cable. Eliminating the need for an external power source to provide the energy needed to restart the vehicle. At Glen Burnie Towing Services we employ only the highest quality portable battery chargers to ensure we deliver. First time, every time

It Can Be Dangerous

While connecting jumper cables or a self-powered portable battery charger can look quite simply, we encourage our clients to remember it can be somewhat dangerous. You are working with electricity after all. We have experienced incidents of arriving on calls where the client has attempted to connect the cables or charger and the battery in question has exploded. Creating an even greater emergency and putting more people in danger. So if you are not sure what goes where? Or that battery is looking somewhat dodgy. Give our experts a call today and we will handle it safely and securely

Can I Really Use My Cars Cigarette Lighter ?

Yes you can. This alternative to jumper leads is a less popular and less well known method of jump starting your car. This cable is used to interconnect the two vehicles 12 volt cigarette outlets. While this method does eliminate the danger of incorrect connections, the amount of current it produces and what is ultimately delivers is extremely small. This method will slowly recharge the battery, but will not immediately allow you to crank the engine. As you can see at Glen Burnie Towing Services we have a range of solutions to handle all our clients jump start or booting needs