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Light Duty Towing

towed and fixing the car

Towing is towing isn’t it? This is the response when we tell our clients that there is in fact a difference when it comes to the class of tow truck that we use. This is generally determined by the size of job at hand. Light Duty towing usually alludes to any towing job where the vehicle being towed is similar in size to the average family car. These can also include but are not limited to minivans or small trucks. At Glen Burnie Towing Services no towing job is too big or small for our highly trained friendly towing staff.

Use The Right Equipment

Be careful that you do not use the wrong type of tow truck to complete the job at hand. If you choose the wrong truck for towing, the job can become extremely expensive and wasteful. Not to mention a waste of your valuable time. For example, using a heavy duty tow truck to tow a small sedan is definitely the perfect example of using the incorrect tool for the job. This can even make the exercise more complicated and expensive than it ever needed to be. So to make sure you get the right size truck for the job, let our experts handle all your questions and queries

Getting The Job Done Right

Getting the job done right is simply a non-negotiable when it comes to light duty towing. These trucks usually lift either the two front or back wheels off the ground. The remaining pair of wheels will remain in contact with the road while the vehicle is being towed. This will assist in the transportation process. This is achieved because all our light duty trucks are equipped with a modern wheel-system. This top of the range system reduces the contact between car and tow truck. Thus reducing the chance of another incident. Simply put, at Glen Burnie Towing Service we get it done right

What Vehicles Qualify

At Glen Burnie Towing Services our light duty tow trucks are equipped to assist with a range of different vehicles. This versatility allows us to cater to all our clients light duty towing requirements. The vehicles allowed include, cars, SUVS, vans, minivans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and small trailers. AS you can see from the above. No matter what the job may be, our experts are ready and able to assist our clients with all their towing needs. Simply put our reputation has ensured that we are the first call our clients make in any towing emergency.

Dependability Combined With Agility

Our light-duty tow trucks played a massive role in our efforts to become the most dependable and agile towing and recovery company in the district. Our fleet is always fully maintained so we are able to get anywhere in a moment’s notice to assist our clients in those potentially dangerous situations. We offer a range of light duty towing techniques so we are able to cater to all our clients towing needs. Glen Burnie Towing Services has become an incomparable towing and service company. We strive to maintain this, knowing it will only enhance our reputation within