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Tire Change

fixing the car tire

This is simply a skill every person who operates or drives a motor vehicle should know how to do. Unfortunately at Glen Burnie Towing Services we have discovered that a lot of our call outs are in fact for clients who are unable, or unsure how to change a tire. And ladies, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that we have just as many male requests as female.  No matter who asks us, we are always ready a waiting to complete any tire change our client might require. We can assure you that we will not leave you feeling flat or run down.

Its More Dangerous Than It Looks

While changing a tire can on its own be a physically demanding task. Doing it on the side of a busy motorway or road can add an unwanted level of danger. Thousands of accidents are caused yearly due to flat tires and these can result in hundreds of fatalities. At Glen Burnie Towing Services we always advise our clients to stay a far away as possible from the stationery vehicle until our highly trained experts have arrived. Once on scene they shall assess the situation and take the appropriate action to get you back on the road in time to continue your journey.

Know Your Jack

As this is the only piece of equipment between you and a 15OOlbs car on your leg, it is crucially important that you familiarize yourself with your cars jack. On most models, the jack will need to be somewhat assembled before it can be used to lift the car. Importantly we always advise our clients to take some time to assemble the jack so that they become used to the process. These simple steps can be the difference between a simple, quick process, or a dangerous disaster waiting to happen. So if you’re unsure, rather let the experts at Glen Burnie Towing Services take charge

Check Your Spare

One of the biggest delays when we get called out to replace a spare tire is the spare being flatter than the tire that needs to be changed. Simply said there should be absolutely no reason not to maintain ones spare tire. It’s a simple process of checking its air pressure every time you fill up with gas and pump your tires. We also encourage you to check the overall state of the spare tire at the same time. Once you include this in your fill up routine we can guarantee that the chances of you getting stuck up the creek without a paddle will be vastly reduced

Be Prepared

At Glen Burnie Towing Services are willing to share one or two secrets and tips when it comes to being prepared for every eventuality. The most important of these is to build yourself a small flat or breakdown kit which we encourage our clients to keep in the car at all times. This can include such items as a flashlight, rain jacket, work gloves and any other piece of equipment or clothing you feel will make the job easier if and when it arises. For more industry tips and secrets, give our friendly experts at Glen Burnie Towing Services a call today