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Towing Service

towed the wrecked black car

It’s happened to all of us. One time or another. That sinking feeling you get when the car jerks and the engine suddenly cuts out. Or that pesky clutch you just replaced won’t engage and you’re stuck in neutral in the middle lane on the interstate. At times like these you need a safe, reliable and friendly helping hand. Well look no further. Our expert staff at Glen Burnie Towing Services will have you up and running in no time. Well at least to the nearest repair shop. We offer a range of towing services suited for all eventualities and we never turn down a challenge

 When Do You Need A Flat Bed?

A flat bed tow truck is the perfect tool to handle a whole host of towing scenarios. Especially when in the hands of our towing experts. If your car has been seriously damaged in an accident a flatbed is the perfect piece of equipment for the job. For all those of you who have automatic gear boxes, we are sure you are well aware of the reliance you have on a flatbed tow truck should the worst happen. Basically a flatbed is perfect for any vehicle that is unable to roll on the street and thus cannot be partially lifted


At Glen Burnie Towing Services we take absolutely no chances when it come to the strict adherence of all local and state safety regulations. We ensure our drivers and staff are always fully trained to the highest standards. Our equipment, ranging from tow trucks, winches, emergency lighting and safety tools are always of the highest quality. This allows us to offer the highest level of towing services combined with un-matched safety levels. This level of safety has ensured that we have cemented our name in the district and state. Our reputation most defiantly does proceed us and that’s how we want to keep it.

What Our Towing Services Include?

Here at Glen Burnie Towing Services we believe in offering more than any client would expect from a towing service. This allows us to offer our clients all the towing services they may need under one roof. Our general towing services range from accident, breakdown, gas shortages, motorcycles, tire changes, jump starts, recovery and many more. We offer these services state and country wide. The above ensures you will never be left on the side of the road without any assistance. So don’t delay, save our contact details now and we promise we will never leave wanting

Insured Or Not, We Have You Covered

At Glen Burnie Towing Services we understand that not all our clients have the same circumstances when it comes to having insurance. Firstly for all those clients who are insured, we have agreements with all the major coverage providers and will take care of everything when it comes to recovering, towing and storing your damaged or broken down vehicle. For those clients who are not covered, don’t worry we have not forgotten about you. We offer all the same services, at the same high quality service levels with just a little more paperwork to complete during the process of getting your vehicle back .